Cool Icon

You may think this icon was made from difficult and confusing steps:

But hey, NO!! I made this less from 10 mins! And if you follow this tutorial, you'll finish in only 5 mins. Okay, just follow these steps. I started from this base:

<-- i positioned the base into like this

You may edit your base like desaturate and set to soft light or just set to soft light. Well it's all up to you! So, my base is like that... I added this gradient, which i believe made by Gender, and set to Hard Light.


Add this wonderful texture, made by i-don't-know-who, to Hard Light:


GRASPPP!!! Scary, huh? Of course! But we'll fix it! Add this texture by Colorfilter and set to Hard Light. It may appear differently because i healed the top white border area. Bit confusing, although it's not that necessary:


Time to make Suu more visible. Bring the base to the very top layer and set to Soft Light:

--> Better, huh?

And... yayy!! You finished coloring! Now ish the time for the finishing touch. Use Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the area around her eye and hand, create new layer and choose Image> Apply Image. Move them where you'd want:

Create new layer under the copied area, and fill with decorative brush from ~Yumei_K with #91743B and set the layer to Linear Burn 75%:

The last thing, give text. I choosed brushes from ~Yumei_K and mixed the brushes:


Well... it's easy, huh? I believe your icons are better than mine. So expand your knowledge! Keep trying with new experiments. If any comments/questions, don't be shy to ask me, email me or instead you can using the contact form.

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