Industrial lines

Step 1

First open a new document with the following settings:
Width: 1px
Height: 20px
Background: Transparent

Now take the pencil tool and make something like this:

Step 2

When you've got it, we'll define it as a pattern: Edit > Define pattern, input the name you want and click Ok.
Now you can open the image you want to use. Create a new layer and fill it with the new pattern: Edit > Fill and select the pattern we've just defined and apply it to the layer.

Step 3

Now we're going to rotate it. With the layer that contains the pattern active, go to Edit > Transform > Rotate and change the angle at the top bar like below (it's marked in red):

Step 4

Your pattern will have diagonal lines now. Take the rectangular selection tool and make a selection like the one below.

Step 5

Go to Select > Inverse and click Ctrl+X to cut that part of the layer.
It's ready now, you may move it, rotate it or change the layer's blending mode to your liking.

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