Altering colors (icon tutorial)

This is my 4th tutorial, but first published. We should know what avatar is and there are many ways to make those avatars better. In this tutorial i'll teach you how do i alter base colors. First of all, choose your base. I'm gonna use Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 since i liked this pic. We'll make .

Now make new canvas 100 x 100 and copy the base to the canvas. I don't like cropping, honestly... Then resize the pic until matches with the canvas and we got this:

Then duplicate the base, desaturate and sharpen. Duplicate the desaturated base and set to screen 90%:

(after desaturate and sharpen) --> (after duplicate and screen)

Create new layer and fill with #86CEF7 and set to burn. Yeeeiiiiyyy! Nice color, eh?

New layer, apply your image (Image>Apply Image) for merging all layers without lost previous layers. Got it? New layer, fill with gradient from FEEL Designs, set to difference 18%. Bit changed?


Next step, fill new layer with texture from Kyuusho and set to Hard Light. Cool Yunie, huh??? Now bring the the applied image to the top and set to soft light to make Yunie more visible.

--> -->

This texture was from Iconographer and set to lighten. Don't forget to flip horizontal.


More, lighter huh? Then add this texture from Colorfilter as finishing touch. Set to Linear Burn. But Oooopss!! The texture was covering Yunie's beauty face, so bring the applied image to the top again and set to soft light again.

--> -->

Now we're doneee!! Yunie becomes so pretty with those colors. You could stop this far, but i added text to my ava and some tiny text from FEEL Designs with #2B5066 and set to Hard Light.


Nnnah!!! Well done! Finish ^^!!! Doesn't hard, ne? If you have enough PS knowledge, these will be easy! I hope this able to expand your knowledge of PS/PSP/GIMP, etc. Remember what i've told you is just a BASIC and you can change anything above on your own. It's up to you. I hope my tut can help you a little. REMEMBER that you are permitted to change the compotition of your design even if you were followed my tut. I'm not a good tutor because English is not my first language (i'm an Indonesian, y'know!) So the problem was the language barrier. And moreover, lot of my methods of designing were confusing everyone, includes me XD. Aye, sometimes i dunno what i've done. Whoops whoops!! Don't be shy to ask me about anything and don't hesitate to comment me about my fault because the perfectness was not mine. And very very very very sorry because the badness of my English!!!!!!! You can mail me here.

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