The last time a new style became very popular. That's why I wondered that so much people don't know how to make this effect, because it's very simple. Maybe someone of you know this tutorial, because I posted it at the Alternate Netherworld ;)

o1. Took a picture of your choice (the size doesn't matter). I took the picture down of this sentence of the lovely Uruha.


o2. Now you have the choice: You can use this effect at coloured pictures, but it looks better when the picture is just black and white. (If you want your picture being black/ white scale the saturation or change the blending options after you dublicated the background image)

o3. Now we use the texture. I will use the red texture made my myself.* Put the texture over the image you want to decorate and go to the blending mode (under the opacity mode). The current setting is "Normal" - change it into "Lighten".

Texture (c) by

The result looks really nice and the images has a professional look now. How I said you don't have to take black/ white images and you don't need to use a red/black texture, but be sure just black parts of the texture will be transparent in the Lighten mode. Down you can see my result.


Lighten Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop
is made by Chou for Celestial Star.

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