Pencil Style

How to make a photo look like a painted picture? That's a good question, but I also didn't know what to do. I thought there must be a good option at the filters, but I didn't get the result I wanted. I was searching for an other option and I found it!

Step 1

Took the picture of your choice and set the saturation down if it is a coloured picture (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate).

Before using this tutorial

Step 2

Your picture should be black/white, now, as you can see at my example. Now you have to dublicate this layer and indicate the colours (push Ctrg+I) and to change the blending mode from Normal into Color Dodge. You don't have to be afraid if you picture is white, now. Soon it will look different ;)

Step 3

Now got to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius at 3,0 or something that is near to this.

Step 4

Now you should have the example you wanted to get. Be sure your images isn't to dark, because it could looks very strange and makes the picture looks dirty.


Pencil Style Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop is made by Chou for Celestial Star.

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