Grids grids grids! they can be used to make images look as if they were on a notebook.

Open a new image with these settings:
Width: 10 px
Height: 10 px
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
Background: Transparent

2. With the rectangular selection tool make a selection like this one (leave a margin of 1 px all around the image):

Go to Select > Invert and then go to Edit > Fill and select Black from the dropdown menu.

Once you've done that, select the rectangular selection tool again and make a selection like this one:

Now go to Edit > Cut. Define the image as a pattern. This is done by going to Edit > Define pattern... A window requesting a name for the pattern will appear. Type whatever you want and click OK.

Step 5

Okay, now what you have to do is open the image you want to apply those grids. I chose this image from DNAngel:

Select all the image and go to Edit > Fill (in the same layer as the image) and select this properties:

To soften those grids go to Edit > Fade Fill and set the Opacity to 40% for example and the Mode to Overlay

Done! now you can experiment with different opacities and modes.

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