Icon tutorial

Open your image and crop it, resize it to 100x100 pixels. Click Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and paste it onto a new document (Ctrl+N and Ctrl+V).

Open the texture you'd like to use for the background. I'm using one I did, that's available at the textures section. Paste it under the image layer. Select the layer with the image in it and take the magic wand tool if the background's a plain color or the lasso tool if it's not plain. Extract the image and you'll see the texture now.

Make a new layer and put a random gradient (you can use any colors you want), change the layer's blending mode to Soft light. You can apply different gradients (use a new layer each time) until you like the result. I used 3 different gradients.

Now make the final touches: I've put a text at the bottom with a 6px font and then a bigger text and added a little shadow to this last one. You can use brushes too now, just put anything you want.

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