For this tutorial we'll consider you already know how to do basic things in Phorothop.
Create a new document with background color and take the pen tool. Settings should be as the ones below:

Make three anchor points randomly, but not making a straight line.

Keep the ALT button pressed, click on the middle anchor point and drag it until you get a nice curve.

Select the brush tool and take a 5px solid brush, you may use a bigger or different one to achieve other results.

Make a new layer. Take the pen tool again and right click on the image. Click on Stroke Path.

A window will appear. Brush must be selected from the dropdown and I used Simulate Pressure for this tutorial, but you won't use it for normal lines.

That's all, now you can just make more curves to get the desired result. Add a background, image or just anything you want.
With practice, you can do many things with the pen tool.

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