Extracting (lasso tool)

1. Click on the Lasso Tool. Change to the Magnetic Lasso Tool. This can be done by right-clicking on the lasso tool and selecting the magnetic one.

2. Change your setting for the lasso so that they look like mine below.

3. Trace around the outline of the person/object. If you've zoomed in (which I highly recommend), don't go so far down that you make the scroll-bar move. This will cause the cursor/lasso to pick up colors that you really don't want in your selection.

4. Make sure you lead the lasso to the edge of your tut/ps/img/extractm, thus getting the background out. Press "Delete" or Ctrl + X to clear the section.


5. If there is some stuff that you can't get, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool. The only thing is that you have to click every time that you get a new angle. Make sure you have the Anti-Alias box checked.

6. Just keep doing this for every spot you can't get properly with the magnetic lasso. When you're finished with this, Try making a new layer with different background colors and testing your PNG on those colors. If you still see little spots of background, zoom in and use a size 3 brush to erase them. Delete the layer afterwards. (You can make a new layer by going Layer > New > Layer or Ctrl + Shift + N)

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