Glassy Buttons

First of all, make a new file with this settings:
Width: 100px
Height: 100px
Background: Transparent

Pick a color of your choice and take the Elipse tool. Make a circle on the middle of the canvas like the one below.

Take the magic want tool (Tolerance: 0 / Select Antialiased) and select the circle you've just done. Create a new layer and with a 65px soft brush (with the same color as the circle) click on the lower part of the circle, like it's shown on the picture.

Change the blending mode of this last layer to color dodge. Take the Eliptical marquee tool and make a selection on the upper part of the circle as shown below.

Make a new layer. Take the gradient tool with this settings:

And apply it from the top to the bottom like this:

You can lower the highlight's opacity if you want, that's up to you. All done! Now you can use it where you want. My result is below.

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