1. Create a new image of your desired size. I chose this settings:
Width: 600px
Height: 300px
Background: Transparent

2. Fill the image with the color you want. This is not necessary, but that way you'll see what you're doing better. I used #C2D0B3

3. Take the Polygonal Lasso Tool (Right click on the Lasso tool and select Polygonal Lasso) and make a selection like this one in one of the sides of your canvas, where you want the tentacle:

4. Create a new layer and click on it to have it active. If you don't have the layers window open, go to Windows > Layers.

5. Take a mid-tone color (it's better if it's not too bright or too dark), for example, I chose #89A56A, and go to Edit > Fill and select Foreground color from the dropdown (supposing that you have it as foreground color...). Click OK. Now you can deselect the area by clicking Ctrl+D or Select > Deselect.

cs-tentacles03.gif (3223 bytes)

6. Go to Filter > Distort > Wave and use the settings below. You can also use others depending on how you want the tentacle to be.

7. Now to the shades and highlights. Right click on the Tentacle layer and click on Blending options. Use the settings below:

8. Finished! now it's up to your imagination to add effects, repeat the steps to add more tentacles and add your final touches. Here's my final result:

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